I Am Grace is a company that provides life coaching and motivation to teen and young adults to ensure successful purposeful living. We offer a variety of programs tailored mad for individual or groups that will lead to personal positive development and life building skills. We will accomplish through partnerships with local organizations to provide Low-Cost Life Skills Education Programs to assist people of all backgrounds to become their best by achieving their holistic (character, relationships, finances, career and health) goals.

Develop personal success strategies that will enable you to pursue your dreams and release your potential


Topics of discussion

  • I don’t look like what I have been through
  • Life beyond, my mistake because my mistake was in God’s plan

Life skills for securing the vocation you really want.

Topics Covered

  • Interview success tips
  • Skills assessment
  • Resume preparation

Gain knowledge of the elements required to build positive family relationships.

Topics Covered

  • Effective Communication
  • Organization and planning
  • Family budgets and goals

Be in the minority, discover how to master your financial future.

Topics Covered

  • Finding the right professional to help
  • Investment goals
  • Saving for now and later

Learn how to properly chanel the emotion of anger and use it in a constructive manner.

Topics Covered

  • Self control
  • Forgiveness
  • Calming techniques

Proactive strategies for raising children that will enhance a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Topics Covered

  • Reward vs Punishment
  • Boundaries and trust
  • Building ethics and positive life character

I Am Grace aims to empower you with confidence to achieve Greatness

Our Mission

“I Am Grace” is an organization that seeks to Inspire and Motivate teen and young adult parents to become successful adults. We provide education, mentoring and material resources to help navigate them through life.

Our Goal

We aim to give you transformative thinking within 6 months, however, it may vary from person to person. We work to provide effective strategies to teen and adulating parents to ensure and secure family values and purposeful LIVING!

Our Audience

The Clients I work with are Teens, Young Adults, Women, Single mothers, Divorced Women and New Business Owners. Coaching Sessions can be held on-site, public setting or in my home office.

Session Options