Greetings Grace Community, 
As we wake up daily to many uncertainties in this world please remember each day brings a new dawning of hope. Allow HOPE to rise within you so much that it pushes out the negativity of yesterday. You are growing and have grown! Give grace to yourself always. 
Important National Dates in July: 
July 4th- 🎇🎆Independence Day 🎇🎆
July 10- Kitten Day 
July 26- Aunt and Uncle Day
July 30- International Friendship Day 
Want to know more about the history of these days plus other interesting days?! Click the link below:

While this may not be a National Holiday it’s worthy of recognition. GraceGirls will be having a Water Ice Social on July 11th from 12-3pm!!! 
Please come out bring someone else!! 
You will be able to register your child for the next year (Fall 2020 – Spring 2021). The registration cost is $25.00 per child. 
The rain date for the social will be July 18th from 12-3pm.
Make sure you register to vote in your state!!!!  Your Voice Matters !!!! 
You can make the difference by researching the politicians, what their stances are on certain issues that are important to you! 
Remember your choices doesn’t only effect you but they directly impact the next generation after you!!!!
You are important to me and I need you to survive. 
This is a message being spread on TikTok in relation to teens saying code words that are red flags for contemplating suicide. Such as “I just finished my shampoo and conditioner at one time “ or “I told my mom my favorite pasta recipe “ . While TikTok is meant to be entertaining and funny people are using it as a cry for help if you or someone you know is contemplating suicide or self harm please call The National Suicide Hotline 

You are not alone and you are valuable not because of what you do but because of who you are. 
You are loved.
A small note on Independence Day… 
This is a day of family, togetherness, celebration and freedom. As difficult as it may be I encourage you to focus on that. We are free even in this land. 
I Am Grace 

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