Greetings Grace Community,

Welcome to October!!!!! We hope you all are doing well. Every single one of us has been in need of counsel at some point in our lives. The need for wise friends is necessary especially in this season of changing times. Surround yourself with people who desire to see you succeed in every possible way – when you find them or if you have them already  listen… closely to them. 


If you registered after August 2021 please disregard the email but check out our flyer for more information on the Parent Meeting. 

For those who haven’t registered yet

Are you READY???!!!! We Are!!!!

It’s time for another great year with yours truly!! The GraceGirls Squad!!!!!!! Registration is Open Now!!!! Sign up for another year of fun, family and growth!

Our current registration price is $25.00 per child. We service grades 6-12 with our meetings being held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

Just go to

click on the tab that says Grace Girls Registration. You will be prompted to proceed to Paypal to send the payment the email address listed is

🎊🎉Birthday/Anniversary Corner🎉🎊

To all who are celebrating or intend to honor a special day in this month. Our hope is that you will prosper and be in good health (spirit, soul, mind and body). You will continue to be shining example in your local communities and that your capacity to love and be loved will increase.

We also celebrate:


Box Full of Grace:

It’s the wonderful time of year to give some to bless those who may not have. You can partner with us by sending your monetary gift or gift card of $25.00 via PayPal at

Let’s give some Grace to others this season ❤️


We love you all.

Grace Girls Registration

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