Warmest Salutations Grace Community,

Spring has Sprung!!!!!! Have you been outside today? What do you want this month to look like for you? Visualize what you desire to accomplish. We have heard about the possible 4th wave of Covid 19. We urge you to hold on to your hope this will pass over us. As you hear the news remember it will pass hold on to your hope!!! 
This month is the month for gardening and volunteering and so much more. Take some time and think about how you could volunteer maybe help someone else plant/ improve their gardens. By volunteering it has been proven to reduce stress levels. 😊


Make sure you check out our Event Page for more information (such as vendors, products, and more)! 
*** ALL GRACEGIRLS ladies are requested to be at the event. *** 
*Only GraceGirls participants, staff, immediate family members of staff and Eastampton Residents may vend !!!! 
But It’s free to attend!!!! 
If you have any questions please email flowingwithgrace813@gmail.com
Here at GraceGirls we embrace each person for the uniqueness that has been divinely placed in them and work to cultivate them into upstanding future leaders. 
To sign up all you need to do is click the link 
Fill out the form and send the registration payment to Carmella Carter at IAmGrace813@gmail.com on PayPal. 
We look forward to having you! 
Some Holidays this month: 
1. Easter- 3rd
2. Student-Athlete Day- 6th
3. Walking Day – 7th
4. Siblings Day -10th
5. Appreciate Your Hairstylist Day- 25th
The Month of April is Also known as: 
1. Month of Hope 
2. Sexual Assault Awareness 
3. Couple Appreciation 
4. Financial Literacy 
5. Stress Awareness Month 
On behalf of the GraceGirls Team we want to wish everyone An EXTRAVAGANTLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and or ANNIVERSARY!!! We pray many more years for you all.
We truly thank each and every person for your continued support and love towards us and our initiatives. 

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