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Carmella Carter is an author, motivational speaker, life coach, and philanthropist; she is also the founder of “I Am Grace” LLC, Grace Girls Non-Profit Organization, and Just Grace Clothing Company. Through her platform, she has reached and served thousands of women and men encouraging them to live their life on purpose. From struggling teen parents, single mothers, and divorced men and women to entrepreneurs, lawyers, and doctors, Carmella has inspired those she serves to make goals, set goals, and accomplish their goals.

Carmella had a childhood, unlike many others. Growing up in Trenton, NJ she was accustomed to seeing sex, drugs, and violence daily and unfortunately became a product of her environment. She became a mother at the tender age of 16 and had to face more difficulties than she was prepared to handle. While most teens in her position would have the guidance and assistance of their parents, Carmella had to deal with the fact that both of her parents were not equipped to help her as they had succumbed to the issues of their environment. This left all of the work of teen parenting on Carmella’s shoulders forcing her to grow up overnight. She dropped out of high school in the 11th grade to raise her child as a full-time mother. Carmella ran into numerous roadblocks while trying to find housing, substantial finances, childcare, and education but made it a priority to provide the best possible life for her and her son during the time.

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At the age of 19, Carmella became a Medical Assistant. It was this position that helped Carmella give her son the better life that she had dreamed of. She continued her career as a medical assistant until the age of 26. She then became a medical assistant instructor until the age of 34. During her job as an instructor, Carmella mentored hundreds of men and women of various age groups on how to pursue their goals and obtain success. Also within that time span of her life, she volunteered at GVM Kingdom Kids Mentorship program. That position allowed her to touch the lives of over 500 children, teens, and young adults. She hosted events such as Youth Extravaganza, Back to School Drive, Toys for Tots Christmas party, and Black History skits. This brought Carmella great joy and she finally realized that she had found her purpose. In 2013, Carmella founded her own life coaching and mentoring company, “I Am Grace.” Her primary goal is to help teens, young parents, and single and divorced individuals understand the importance of a successful life no matter what life situations they are currently facing.

Carmella founded her own life coaching and mentoring company, “I Am Grace” in 2015. Her primary goal is to help teens, young parents and women understand the importance in family values and how to ensure a determined, committed, successful lifestyle. The most recent extension of “I Am Grace” is “Grace Girls”. “Grace Girls” purposed mission is to support young ladies 6th-12th grade in developing purposeful identity, self confidence and resilient character with an assurance of knowing they are Enough, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

As Founder of “I Am Grace” Carmella has put together several outreach endeavors such as “A Box Full of Grace, Grace Bags, Vision Board Parties, Human Trafficking workshops, and Single Women Networking events. One of the events near and dear to her heart is “ A Box Full of Grace” a Christmas initiative for teen mothers. With the support of dedicated community partners “I Am Grace ” donates a shoebox full of presents, which includes over $75 worth of items or gift cards to over 600 teens and teen parents for the past 7 years. “Grace Bags” are full of toiletries, socks, and non-perishable food items that are given to the homeless population. These efforts have transformed the lives of teens, women, and men, and altered the way they see themselves in society.

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Carmella says Life Coaching is something she has done since she could speak and believes it’s her life calling. Through life coaching, Carmella is able to provide her clients with information that will help them find their life’s purpose through an introspective approach. Clients learn the importance of goal setting to ensure successful and purposeful living. She offers a variety of programs tailored made for individuals or groups that will lead to personal positive development and life-building skills.

In May 2012, Carmella completed one of her life missions and graduated college with a degree in Social Science, she later finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She was the first woman and second grandchild within her family to graduate college. This accomplishment stopped the lineage of college dropouts and began a new one of college graduates.

Carmella is also the author of 2 books, ‘Purpose is Greater than Pain’ and ‘Your Success is in your Hands’. Purpose is Greater than Pain was birthed from her life story and her passion to see others overcome adversity. ‘Your Success is in your Hands’ is a blueprint for journaling your way to your personal success.

A noted media personality who has appeared on “Trenton Now” talk show, Mid Day with Dana talk show, The Reading Circle radio Show WTMR Radio station, and WIMG 1300 radio show. Some of her memorable accomplishments include receiving a certificate of honor by The United States Government, The State of New Jersey, The City of Trenton, Burlington County Woman of the Year in Mentorship, Phenomenal Woman Award, Faith Fighters awards, ATAP Kwanza Community Award for Strength, Bravery and Power and Fierce and Fearless Women’s History Honoree and award recipient.

Carmella enjoys crafting, reading, traveling, dancing, and spending family time with her husband Marvin Carter, and her children. She lives her life every day by her personal motto, “Inspire and Motivate to live life on Purpose!”