Family Relationship Building

The most important relationships you have are also the most impactful. Learn how to effectively communicate and treat your most precious members of your family with love and respect.

Employment Development

Take your career to the next level by evaluating your skills and improving your interpersonal skills. You can achieve GREATNESS with coaching from I Am Grace.

How Carmella can help you

Carmella is an accomplished Life Coach and author. She has worked with children in schools for over 18 years. She has also overcome the pain of divorce and the stigma’s attached to teen pregnancy. Her success is evident and she is extremely excited to help others going through tough situations in life.

‘I am Grace’ is a vehicle to help reach those in need. It is a platform that Carmella uses to broaden the minds of those encountering life’s road bumps. Carmella has learned techniques to motivate herself and others to reach their full potential. Her success stories have a very common theme of confidence building and improved communication within professional and personal relationships. She is dedicated to seeing her client’s test turn into a testimonial.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Individuals, sibling groups and married/dating couples are best suited to work with ‘I am Grace.’ The most important family relationships are those that affect our daily lives the greatest.

Professional Career Preparation and Coaching works best with individuals. Ideal candidates have a strong work ethic regardless of their education level.

How long are your sessions?
Counseling for families or individuals searching for life coaching is performed in 1 hour sessions. Typical clients work with ‘I am Grace’ for 1-6 months. However, many long time clients improve over time yet still work with us in less frequent sessions.
Will you coach a professional on-site?
Counseling is a very personal exercise and should be conducted in a place that considers the client’s privacy. Our office is welcoming and free of distractions. However, phone coaching is an option as well as the client’s home/office in specific circumstances.
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Client Testimonials

I Am Grace has proven to be a powerful and effective ministry that helps individuals who are hurt broken and confused find healing renewal and purpose . Carmella’s life testimonies a powerful and real. Most importantly, I am grateful for the privilege to have both witnessed and experienced God at work as this ministry evolves and impacts others.
Gregory Smith


As an entrepreneur and being afflicted with Lupus, sometimes it can be hard to get people to see your heart and get past your afflictions. But Carmella Carter did just that, so I would like to thank Carmella Carter for believing in our cause and for giving me the opportunity and platform to share my testimony that it will encourage someone to keep going. Also, introduce Beautiful Butterflies Rock lupus foundation to the world.
Daphne Stribling

CEO/Founder, Beautiful Butterflies Rock Lupus Foundation

As a mother of a young lady, it is important to have women who will positively influence and encourage my daughter. Carmella has planted and watered seeds that teach her that her life is grace and purpose filled, that it is okay to dream and set goals, and that all things are possible. Since hearing Carmella’s testimony, we have been able to discuss her hopes for the future, write them down and affirm her positive attributes, as well as my own. Thank you I Am Grace for helping us start the conversation and be intentional about living out our purpose and destiny.
Adrian Simpkins

Working Mother

Having the opportunity to meet and work with Carmella Carter has had a significant and positive impact on my life. She instilled in me confidence, self-love, and effective skills to overcome some of my deepest and darkest struggles. Carmella encouraged and believed in me while helping me heal and recover. She gave me hope when all felt hopeless. I am truly grateful for her life and “I Am Grace.” As a college student, I have a lot more confidence to face the things I’ve been running away from my entire life. I have a new aspect on life and I’m prepared to move forward.
Sierra Niel

College Student